Death Valley visitor numbers are going up by the year, but the visitor demographics are mostly among older people. Younger people are missing out on one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and are losing interest in the natural world.
Young people are all about embracing who they are, so we want to show how the heat of Death Valley makes it so great. Using illustration, social media outreach, and a good cause, we want to show just how amazing this place is to the people who need to see it the most.
As a way to help people see themselves in Death Valley, why not literally let people see themselves in it? The Salt Flats of Death Valley have thousands of grooves on its surface. Combined with AI recognition, users can take selfies using this filter and the AI will find and generate their faces on the surface of the Salt Flats in real-time.
Every Minute Counts App
We're teaming up with to help provide clean drinking water to people all over the world. The heat makes Death Valley and its amazing community what it is, and we want to do our part to ensure that clean water remains a basic human right.
With the Every Minute counts app, using your phone's location services when you enter the perimeter of the park, open the app and start the clock. For every minute you spend in the park, The National Parks Service will donate 10 cents to Not bad for the driest place on Earth.
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