Shoe care is a rapidly growing market with only a few mid-size brands in the game. As a globally recognizable household product, Tide has a unique opportunity to break into the sneakerhead scene with a shoe cleaner. Tide proves to be the best in clean, now for your shoes.
We’re calling it KICKS.
Project Partners: 
Mark Baker-Sanchez (  Faizan Ghori (
Social Media Extension
Tide will partner with the Shoe Surgeon — one of the biggest names in the sneaker world — to expand the reach of KICKS and his shoemaking class. The Shoe Surgeon has a scholarship for his program and Tide would sponsor it with the goal of encouraging young artists to explore and pursue careers in shoe design.
Pieces created from the course would be given to athletes or skaters to use. Once worn, Tide KICKS would be used by the athletes to restore them back to new. These content journeys would be documented through videos and photos for promotion on social and media outlets e.g. TikTok & the news. This would also help scholarship recipients get jobs or into higher education.

Earned Media
KICKS will partner with schools from low-income communities across the country, providing free KICKS products to schoolchildren & families throughout the U.S. in efforts to help prolong shoe-life, minimize missed attendance due to lacking footwear, and ensuring that no child is left behind in their education through providing free pairs of shoes to children that need it the most.
To activate on Social Media, KICKS will host events at the same selected schools in collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon - a well-known sneaker customizer with several celebrity partnerships and endorsements.
The Shoe Surgeon will lead workshops for youth in which they will have the opportunity to customize their own pair of sneakers, learn sneaker history from one of the cultural tastemakers in the sneaker space, and more.
The workshops will be filmed w/ both motion & stills, and be posted across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, with longer-form content living on YouTube.

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