For my thesis, I decided to work with Los Angeles Apparel to tackle waste culture caused by fast fashion. La Apparel is a vertically integrated company that specializes in high-quality, sustainable, American-made cotton garments. La Apparel believes in sustainability, paying workers livable wages, and global free trade. Their goal is to eliminate trend-based shopping in favor of ethical, long-lasting, quality garments.
Special thanks to John White (@johnthebohemian) and Alyssa Simmons (@allyyy.rose) for creative consulting and support. And a special thanks to Allyssa Jill Olivan (@kleinebean) for illustrations.

Trend-based shopping has conditioned people to buy unethical and cheaply made clothing that we can just throw away when we no longer have use for them.
People on average only wear 20% of the clothing they own. Despite this, More and more people are turning to thrifting and sustainable brands to purchase clothing. They are thinking with a long-term and sustainable mindset with their shopping habits.
Target Audience:
18 to 45-year-olds in urban and suburban settings. This age group is environmentally and ethically conscious and is more likely to have excess clothing.
Big Idea:
Let’s show people that they only wear 20% of the clothes they own by showing them how they can start to do their part to combat waste culture: dealing with their overstuffed closets. We want to incentivize people to lengthen the life cycle of their clothes and repurpose what they don’t want anymore by promoting upcycling culture.

LA Apparel “Just Like New” Program 
Customers donate clothing in person or by mail and receive a store credit rewards card.
Donated items will be recycled to help LA Apparel make more clothing. LA Apparel will bring in stylists to select and style professional work outfits out of donated items for people in low-income situations trying to find work. First impressions are important, and many are unable to afford suitable work clothing.
LA Apparel will set up pop-up shop tents nationwide in public spaces to distribute these outfits to those who need them.
The goal of this program is to incentivize people to ethically get rid of their excess clothing while repurposing them for people who can easily put them to better use.
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